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Monthly Updates - 7/10

Newcomers and Friends Monthly Updates July 2010

President’s Letter


Our June luncheon was well attended  (61 women) all talking.  The food was very tasty and chocolate cake filling.

The club microphone was left in my home- lucky that I am loud so there was no problem.
Our board is bubbling over with suggestions and new activities- only we can make them come true, so please stay involved.  It’s fun and rewarding.   

The September overnighter is sold out and a waiting list exists.  If we continue to put names on the list there may be two buses.  Those are my words- we can only hope.  I truly wish I could go.

If there are any ideas for programs, games, social outings, or whatever, that may interest you or any other club member, contact the Vagabonds, Social Committee or any Board Member and perhaps we can make it happen.  

Our August luncheon will be at the Valencia Country Club.   Remember if your birthday is this month we have a special gift for you.

Board Meeting:  July 7, 2010- 1 PM

Karen Forte (see directory for address and phone)
Call Karen so she can have a chair for you.  No call, no chair!


Please welcome new member: Jocelyn Fitzpatrick


The Coffee Corner will meet Thursday, July 22nd at 10:30 a.m. If you plan to attend, please phone Carolyn Wolf for reservations and location information.   Please join us if you can!


The Mystery Book Club still has openings for members.  They meet the first Tuesday of each month at 1 p.m. at the home of Margaret Gilmer.  If you are interested, please phone Margaret.  


We are delighted to report that our upcoming fun trip, and incredible California experience, has met with tremendous enthusiasm.
Our September 29-30th, 2010 (Wednesday and Thursday) excursion to the central coast is a GO and is fully booked.

If you are participating on this trip, be sure to watch next month’s Vagabond column on line and in your web news for more specific information.  We are sorry if you wanted to go but cannot be accommodated.
Our next events will be Thursday, October 28th and Wednesday, December 15th.  

Please save the dates and commit soon as the particulars are announced.  We want you to go with us!!   


If you or anyone your know has a special celebration or an illness, please send the information to our Sunshine chairperson, Charlotte Pitts, so that she can send them a card and include them in our monthly updates.
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