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Monthly Updates - July 2014

President's Message

Greetings Ladies;

I’d like to thank the' Installation Committee' for the amazing time I had at my incoming Presidential ceremony.  I loved the theme you selected “Gone With The Wind”.  It brought back a lot of memories and Clark Gable was my favorite actor. 

I am looking forward to my year ahead.  Please know that I am available to listen to you whether
it is a compliment or a complaint.  I promise to be there for you.

Here’s for a terrific year.  Remember best friends are like jewels, dear and rare. 

Milly Ginsburgh, President

"Friendships for Life" is Milly's motto for our Club this year!


     You have a chance to participate as we update our by-laws.  As a member
of Newcomers and Friends you have the opportunity to make a difference. 
All members are welcome to Board Meetings and can vote.  Please be part
of this important project. 

   Be sure to read the Tweaking the By-Laws section in this issue and then make it your priority to come to the July Board Meeting. 


Meeting time and place can always be found in web news.




Wednesday, July 4th, 1:00 pm, at Karen Forte's home
Please RSVP to Karen to assure you have a chair.

This will be Milly's first official meeting with the new board. We will begin reviewing the By-Laws for revision among other discussions and planning for the coming year.


Parliamentarian, Alyce Kesselman, speaks:

Tweaking the By-Laws

Every  organization needs to have a document  that clearly explains who the members are, what they do
and how they have agreed to go about doing it. That organizational plan is called  By-Laws.  By-laws need
to accurately reflect the current procedures and desires of the membership.  To do that, they must
occasionally be changed. Newcomers and Friends operates with  a set of by-laws which were last revised
in  September, 2012.  The Board has realized that there are some possible changes that should  be
addressed and revising the by-laws probably is necessary.

Starting with the JULY board meeting, we will be taking a few minutes each month to discuss a section of
the By-Laws.  The idea will be to listen to all members suggestions and make any appropriate changes.  Revised By-laws will be presented to the entire membership for a vote and when approved, posted on the website.

Please attend the board meetings and be part of these important discussions. If you are unable to do this and want to be “HEARD”,   E-MAIL YOUR IDEAS, SUGGESTED CHANGES OR COMMENTS TO   Alyce Kesselman or Marlene “Mikki” Garside (see directory) who are serving as  By-Law committee persons.

The following sections will be discussed a the JULY  Board Meeting.

Copies WILL NOT be distributed..  Please print out a copy from the website and bring it with you if you will want one.

By Laws

Newcomers and Friends of Santa Clarita Valley
Revised 9/13/12


The name of the organization shall be Newcomers and Friends of Santa Clarita Valley (hereinafter referred to as the Club)


The purpose of the Club shall be a social group open to all women in the Santa Clarita Valley who are new to the area, or have had a significant change in lifestyle.


The Club shall be nonpartisan, nonsectarian, and shall sponsor no legislative activities. The Club shall not discriminate against members or prospective members because of race, color, national origin, income, marital status, educational background, or any other factor. No Club sponsored activity shall provide a forum   for business or monetary gain. Charitable donations may not be made in the name of the club.


Club membership shall be open to all women who live within the Santa Clarita Valley. There shall be no time limitations on length of membership.

To be in good standing, a member must pay dues. Attendance is encouraged         at the monthly general meeting/luncheons. Past presidents may choose to be honorary members for a term of five (5) years after their term of office. Honorary members have no voting privileges unless they pay dues.


Annual dues cover the period from June 1st to May 31st and shall be determined by the Board. Annual dues for members shall be payable by June 1st for a member’s name to be included in the new Directory. New members joining after January 1st shall pay at 50% of the annual dues. Dues shall entitle the member  to participate in all club activities.




*** Here are the volunteers that will be serving our Club as Board
Members this year.  Thank you one and all for being so giving of your
time and talents to keep our Club operating!!!

Executive Board  2014 - 2015  

  • President:………………………….      Milly Ginsburgh    
  • Executive Vice President:………..      Jodie Baker
  • First V. P. Luncheons………….…       Donna Jones / Irene Jansson / Karen Forte
  • Second V. P. Membership:……..         Janice Weiner
  • Secretary:………………………….      Muriel Usselman
  • Treasurer:………………………….      Mikki Garside
  • Webmistress...........:……………...      Barri Boren / Diane Millikin
  • Activities:…………………………..       Sandy  Nichols
  • Recruitment:………………………       Carolyn Wolf /Shirley Lamoureaux

Board Members   2014 - 2015

  • Auditor:……………………….   Pat Berkery
  • Birthdays:……………………    Nancy Andrews /Dianne Southern
  • Circulation:..…………………   Sandi Cates
  • E-mail Communication:…….     Shirley Birnholz
  • Historian:……………………     Nalini Amin / Sandi Cates
  • Hostess:…………………….     Trish Mooring/Barb Ferone/Jane Conklin/Jeannine Boren/Noreen Motts
  • Luncheon Programs:………     Charnell Tressel / Donna Jones / Bernardine “Berni” Cuttino
  • Luncheon Decorations:……     Jeannine Boren
  • Luncheon Reservations:…..     Kay Moioffer / Glory Leonard
  • Newcomers Explorers:……..    Jane Conklin
  • Parliamentarian:…………....      Alyce Kesselman
  • Publicity:………………………    Gwen Halstead
  • Raffle:…………………………    Charlotte Marton / Laurie Prince / Charlene Zakarian
  • Social Committee:…………..     
  • Sunshine:……………………     Carla Crancer / Margaret Gilmer
  • Telephone:…………………..     Millie Hubert/Dorothy Karnes/Ann Pfeiffer/Karen Fine/Carol Costin


***We are reorganizing Groups and Activities to better serve our members! 
Please see the note about
‘Activities Reorganization’ under Activities!
Action is needed by all groups!

Our Luncheons & General Meetings will remain on the 2nd Thursday of the month for the entire year! Some of the facilities we use regularly were not available on Wednesdays, so the Board has voted to stay on Thursdays.   

*** Beginning last month a 'hard copy' of the Newsletter is no longer available
to be mailed to members. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to write and edit
the two different styles of newsletters and we no longer have the time
or volunteers to produce the written Newsletter. Hopefully, there is someone
you know who can assist you in getting a copy of the Website Newsletter if
you don't have access to a computer. Many thanks to Mikki Garside for her
years as 'editor' and to Sandi Cates for sending them out to you!  Copies will
be available at the Luncheons and Board Meetings.


Please welcome new and returning members:

      Evelyn Carpenter
    Elaine Gediman      Birthday Feb. 2
    Lois Salcedo
    Carol Spade            Birthday July 14

Are you considering joining our Club? June 1st began our new year and annual dues are $30. 
We are celebrating our 30th year!!! You won't want to miss out! The new Membership Directory has been mailed to each member! Contact Janice if you did not receive it.

Contact us with any questions you might have and to receive an application if you are interested in joining us for Fun, Friends and Happy Times Together!!! For information on Membership, New Member or Renewing Member Applications, contact Janice Weiner, V.P. Membership by opening the home page on our website ( and click on the word ‘membership chairman’ in red letters.


Hey girl friends: Remember to save all the little toiletries from your vacation travels for "Domestic Violence of SCV".  The big collection is at the October luncheon but, you can bring them to me    anytime during the year. Full size toiletries are welcome too! You wouldn't believe how much they appreciate our donations, saving them mucho $$$.

Gwen Halstead

*** Our June General Meeting and Luncheon was held at TPC and featured a
wonderful show from Patti Finley and performers from her Canyon Theater plays 'Singin' in the   Rain' and 'Shrek'! The ladies sparkled in red, white and blue celebrating Armed forces, Memorial and Flag Days along with the 4th of July! Jodie Baker had fun with the theme, wearing rain gear along with a fun umbrella. TPC served us a   delicious Chicken Marsala repast. Jeannine  presented favors and patriotic TY Beanie Bears that were raffled off. New President Milly    presided over her first official Luncheon!



Mark your calendar:  Thursday, October 9, 2014

Newcomers & Friends will be celebrating its 30th year of friendship! Our Club (Hui) held its first official meeting in June, 1985.  Join us for a fun and fabulous celebration (Ho'olaule'a) party Hawaiian Islands style! You'll want to be 'fashionable' in Hawaiian/Island Resort wear! Check here monthly for updates! You won't   want to miss it (Wela Kahao)!

Aloha Nui Nui!!!

The Ho'olaule'a Team

***Upcoming General Meeting & Luncheons

AUGUST - The iconic Backwoods Inn!

SEPTEMBER -  Milly's favorite,  New Moon Restaurant!



The Coffee Corner

Our ‘Coffee Corner’ welcomes potential new members and current members for a morning of friendship at different locations around SCV each month.

The July Coffee Corner will be held on Thursday,   July 24, 2014 at 10 a.m.

For location please call Carolyn Wolf or Shirley Lamoureaux.


                                  Activities Reorganization

The goal of Newcomers and Friends is to welcome newcomers to    our organization, and provide them, as well as our current members, with a variety of activities that are open to all members.  It is important that our list of Activities on the website grid includes only those  groups that are open to new players and/or subs. Many of our new members have been disappointed when they have tried to get into  the games listed on our website and have been told that there are    no openings and that the group does not use any subs.  This is very discouraging and not fair to someone who has joined expecting to take part in our activities.  To remedy this unfriendly situation, it was decided by the Board, to only list as official activities, those that give all our members the opportunity to join the group in some way--even  if it is just as an occasional substitute.

Please see details on the 'Activities' page including the actions you need to take ASAP for listing of your group/activity!

If you interested in participating in, or especially, coordinating any activities such as walking, games, movie outings, gardening or couples activities etc., please contact me.

Contact: Sandy Nichols  

New member Diane Millikin is starting a new Bunco group   on the 4th Wednesday of the month. They will meet Wednesday, June 25 at 11:00 am, her house. They need one more regular and several subs. Contact Diane at
661-388-4032 or

Mexican Train Dominoes

You are invited to join us for a fun, social game of 'Mexican
Train Dominoes'.  Open to all members!  We play the second
Friday every month!

This is the only game currently available to Newcomers & Friends that does not require a monthly commitment or RSVP and is open to all members. Come whenever you’re available. Dominoes is a fun, but simple game that that you can learn in a few minutes and play right away.

Start time is 10:30 AM and we stop around noon to order lunch. We play till about 2 PM. If you are a new member, this is a great way to start getting involved with your club and to meet new friends.

If you are a long time member, come have fun with old and
new friends. We would love to have you! Contact me for location.

Carol Costin

                                      Tea Ladies

 At Irene Jansson's June Tea, I gathered with 14 strong, brave women.
                    Irene's beautiful tea tables and the guests wonderful food enhanced the stories all shared. 
                   The theme was" Getting To Know You".  I thank everyone of these beautiful women and applaud
                    their strength and determination.  They know how to stand in their own strength.  Bravo to all of you. 

                        Now we go on to July and a tea at Charnell Tressel's home.  Her theme is based on the Japanese
                    culture so the ladies will be wearing kimono's.  Ladies that do not have one, call Charnell or Jodie who have 
                     some to loan you.   This will be a lovey and informative experience.                                                                          

Want to join in on the fun?  Call Janice Weiner or Jodie Baker. We always keep a waiting list in case of cancellations, (that does happen on occasion).

 Please come for a "cup of tea."

Jodie Baker and Janice Weiner

Welcome our new outings group:

'Newcomers Explorers' News
Hi!  Newcomer’s and Friends! 
We are embarking on a new year of adventures.  It will be mostly day trips and possibly a “trip” adventure.  Our little committee group consists of Jane Conklin, Chairman of the group, Jody McEvoy and Barbara Ferone as trusty helpers and assistants.  We welcome anyone that would like to join us to help and offer suggestions. 


Newcomer’s Explorer News

July, 2014


By this time we will have had our Pot Luck Picnic and have gathered lots of ideas for upcoming trips and outings.  Since I will have been gone and back from a cruise to Alaska, I expect to plan our next outing for August.  We will be announcing this in the upcoming August Newsletter.


It will most likely be either to Warner Bros. Studios or a Hollywood Stars Tour.  Yet to    be determined.

Look for info in the August Newsletter.


Jane Conklin and company



Sad news:
Long time member Elaine Klone passed away after a long illness on June 4.  Mother of Rob and Christa, grandmother of 5.  A memorial service was held June 14 at her son's church.  She was active with several of our game groups.  May she rest in peace. Her family ask's that we keep them in our prayers.

Dear Newcomer Sisters ~~~

Your caring thoughts, phone calls, cards, messages and prayers were so comforting and encouraging
during my recovery from fall to my spine.  I continue to progress with your thoughtful support.
Thank you so much!

Love, Sandi Cates

Please be advised that we will only publish personal or private information from members who wish to be acknowledged in our newsletters.

If you or anyone you know has a special celebration or an illness please send the information to

Margaret Gilmer or Carla Crancer, Sunshine chairpersons, they will send them a card and, if

given permission, include the information in our monthly WebNews.


  July Birthdays  

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