General Guidelines for Board Members and Activity Chairs




General Guidelines for Board Members
and Activity Chairs

1. Non-member participation
It is stated in our By-Laws that only members may participate in our activities. There are several exceptions: non-members may participate in Explorer activities, guests and prospective members may attend two luncheons per our club year (June through May of the following year), they may attend the New Member Coffees, Mexican Train Dominoes, and one Tea.

2. Website
The chair of each activity is responsible for submitting the article for the website prior to the deadline. To be sure that vacations, illness, and family emergencies do not delay the timely submission of an article, an alternate “reporter” in the group should be designated. No article will be published without a contact name and phone number included under the title of the group activity.

3. Changes
Any change to the “usual and customary” way of doing things as described in the job descriptions requires approval of the Board or the President if there is not time to wait for a Board Meeting.

4. Solicitation
All solicitation is prohibited without exception. Program providers may speak only as representatives of their profession, but may not solicit any business.

5. Questions  
If there is an urgent question, and you don’t know who to contact, you can always call the President or our Executive Vice President.

Revised 2/12/18



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