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Newcomers and Friends of Santa Clarita Valley
Revised 4/2/15

Installation Program Newcomers Annual Installation Program (May)

(This is suggested traditional outline of our annual Installation Luncheon program. The details of the program are kept secret from the incoming President! Position folders and Member Directory Cover are designed with her motto, colors and logo. Members are invited to wear her colors to Luncheon.) (Procedure Note: Before Lunch, current President reigns, considered “Old Business “including thank you to outgoing Board Members. After Lunch is “new Business” of swearing in of new President and she conducts rest of meeting including swearing in of new Board.)

Current President: 12:00 pm - Welcome & greetings; Thank you to outgoing Board Members; Thank you to ‘Installation Committee, General announcements, Birthday greetings.

The outgoing Executive Vice-President presents Club gift and thank you remarks to outgoing President.

Lunch served

Current President: begin program after ladies are finished eating.

Current President: calls incoming President to front and administers oath of office;

Oath: Do you promise to promote friendship and good will throughout the community and to faithfully carry out your duties? If so, signify by saying ‘yes’ (pause for her response).

Outgoing President: It is our privilege and pleasure to install you as our duly elected President for the 20__-20__ year. (lead applause)

Traditionally the incoming president is treated to a program introducing her to the Club with songs, skits or any other entertaining fun program developed around her likes, favorites, colors etc. A brief talk should tell the members her background & biography highlights.

Outgoing President announces incoming Presidents motto which is also the theme for our new year! This motto is chosen by the Installation Committee and/or the incoming President and should always include the words ‘’Friends’ or ‘Friendship.’

Incoming President is given gifts as tokens of our appreciation for the coming years work, while explaining that they are her favorites.

Incoming President makes comments/speech if she wishes to, then calls her new Board Members to front, swears them in, and gives them their position folders. The outgoing Decorations Chairperson provides gift to incoming Board Members based on theme/favorites of incoming President.

Oath: Do you promise to faithfully carry out the duties of your position for the enhancement of Newcomers and Friends of Santa Clarita for the 20__- 20__ year?

If so, please signify by saying ‘yes’ (pause for response).

Incoming President: We hereby pronounce you duly appointed members of the Board.

New President: Conduct Opportunity Drawing. Close meeting

January 2017 B.Boren

Newsletter Guidelines

The Chairperson of each activity is responsible for submitting the update/article for the newsletter prior to the monthly deadline. To be sure that vacations, illness and family emergencies do not delay the timely submission of an article; an alternate “reporter” should be designated.

Submission deadlines will be the 10th of each month for the Newsletter for the following month: i.e. June 10th for July Newsletter. Think a month ahead!

Please send to WebMistress as directed.

Submissions should be emailed, with update in the email or as an attachment. Please respond each month even if there is no activity or change. As a courtesy, please use ‘bcc’ for addresses to avoid long address lists, privacy concerns and less printing!

A ‘readable format’ is preferred so that we may ‘cut and paste’ directly from the email to the newsletter, with no further editing.

Article/update should include “Who, What, When (date & time), Where, Why (celebration etc.) How (to sign up, get on waiting list), Cost, appropriate dress & shoes (if needed), directions, deadlines and contact info.

Please, please proofread your article! Double check spelling of names, grammar, spelling and spacing. (In most programs, if the word is underlined in red, blue or green, it is suggesting a correction; you can ‘right-click’ on the underlined word, it will open a box, and then click on the correction. A writer’s best friend!)

Photos may also be submitted.

Please use these fonts and sizes: Times new Roman, Verdana, Comic Sans MS, Lucida Console or Bradley Hand. Size 14, 16 or 18 for Titles, 12 or 14 for text.

Do not use ‘all caps’, which is considered ‘yelling’ and is also harder to read!

Have fun! The newsletter is supposed to be fun and informative for all our members!

(January 2017, B. Boren)

Installation Traditions

These suggestions are meant as guidelines based on the traditions and customs of the first 31 years.

  • Installation Committee should be formed by early March and have first meeting after election at General meeting. Usually Chaired/co-chaired by President or Executive Vice-President or other designee and consisting of 5-7 members. The Decorations Chairperson should always be on this committee. This Luncheon would best be held at a location with privacy, ample space and use of microphone with a nicer menu as befitting this special event.
  • There is a budget for Installation which should include cost for gifts, any program cost and decorations. The Decorations person usually provides table decorations/centerpieces, incoming Board gifts and favors.c
  • The theme/motto/events are kept secret from the president-elect to surprise her and Club at Luncheon. Any special “wants” she has could be incorporated into the celebration. She should be given program outline with just her parts to do in it. We encourage the Committee to create a fun and entertaining event while also showing appreciation for all the volunteers that help run the Club. The program in past years has included skits, songs, poems and/or dancing. Frivolity and hilarity for all are the goals!c
  • A questionnaire/profile of favorites should be asked of President-elect. This can then be used to create the theme of her installation. A short biography should also be asked for posting on our website in June.
  • Her motto is chosen by the Committee, is secret from her and includes “friendship”. The motto and her favorites like colors and flowers have traditionally been used as the general theme of the Club throughout the year. A logo is also created. The logo and motto are used on the Website, the board position folders and the Membership Directory cover theme/artwork. The decorations, centerpieces and favors for this Luncheon should follow the overall theme for the President. Members are invited to wear her colors to the Luncheon.
  • There are two parts to the Installation:
  • First part is ‘old business’, held before Lunch is served. Current President conducts this part of meeting. We show appreciation of her and the outgoing Board Members for their year of service with recognition and thanks. The President usually gives the outgoing Board members recognition and a thank you gift. The Executive Vice-President presents the President with the Club’s gift(s) of appreciation and thanks her for her service.
  • Second part is ‘new business’, held after Lunch. Current President introduces the President–elect and swears her in with Oath of Office. The outgoing President presents her with the Club’s ‘gavel and block’, symbolically handing her the reigns of the Club. Then the program introducing and celebrating her begins. The President-elect announces her new Board Members, swears them in with the Oath and presents them with their Position folders and usually a token gift. This gift is generally provided by Decorations person and honors the President using her favorites/theme. The new President gives any welcoming remarks she wishes, then conducts the Opportunity Drawing and closes the meeting.
  • The President’s Oath of Office: Do you promise to promote friendship and goodwill throughout the community and to faithfully carry out your duties? Outgoing President says “If so, signify by saying yes (pause for response). It is our privilege and pleasure to install you as our duly elected President for the 20__ to 20__ year.”
  • The Board Members Oath of Office: Do you promise to faithfully carry out the duties of your position for the enhancement of Newcomers & Friends of Santa Clarita for the 20__ to 20__ year. New President says “If so, please signify by saying ‘yes’ (pause for response). We hereby pronounce you duly appointed members of the Board.”
  • The outgoing President is responsible for putting the position folders together for the incoming Board Members with the help of the Installation Committee. The folders should include position description, Club Guidelines, budget, WebNews guidelines. The cover art should have the logo and colors of the incoming President. Other items could include the Club By-Laws, list of Board Members.

Gifts to President’s and Board Members have traditionally been given as follows: (These are always optional based upon budget approved by the Board each year and these can be ‘token’ style gifts.)

  • Thank you gift(s) to outgoing President from Club usually includes Bouquet of flowers or plant
  • Thank you gift to outgoing board members from President
  • Thank you gift to incoming board members are chosen/created by Decorations Chairperson in honor of the incoming President and reflects her favorites
  • Thank you gifts for incoming President from Club include her favorite flower or plant. Other token gifts should be fun, whimsical, inexpensive items that represent her favorites
  • Outgoing board members have the option to donate money ($2-5) to give gift to outgoing President as thank you for service. Usually collected, procured and presented by Executive Vice-President

This is one of the major events of our Club and should be a special celebration for all!

(January 2017, Jeannine/Barri Boren)

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