President’s Message

Dear Friends,

Gratefulness. This time of year we reflect on being thankful for what we have been given. Even if it came as a big surprise.

The other day one of our members was out shopping at Target and ran up a bill a bit over $100. Some one behind her spoke out, “I’ll get that!” and he paid for her groceries and things. She told the story some days later and was still on cloud nine! Grateful? You better believe it!

That same day, I stopped in at 85º bakery only to find my favorite pastry was all out. The woman ahead of me had the last one. In line we chatted and compared our selections and I told her she got one of my favorites. She hum-hummed and turned to pay. Then she smiled at me and said, “This is for you.” And handed me the puff pastry wrapped and paid for! Grateful? You know it!

We may not always know when kindness comes our way but I can tell you I am always grateful to be among my friends in Newcomers.

Reminder: read about the December Toy Drive on the Luncheon page (yes, we’re back to calling it a luncheon),

Nothing’s Better Than a Friend with Chocolate