President’s Message

Happy June 2024 Newcomers,

June is a little bit of a confusing month. When we were kids, we went to school through about 2/3’s of the month and then got out for a nice, long three-month summer. I think most of us didn’t have such crammed full lives as kids today have. Mostly we watched TV (complete with lots of commercials so we could get lots of snacks), read a lot and played outside for hours at a time. This way we got exercise and Vitamin D. And we socialized with real face to face friends. No one even knew what a computer was.

Nowadays school gets out at the very beginning of June for most and they go back in the middle of August. Right when summer is just getting good. No one asked me but I liked it better when school went back after Labor Day, in September. But life was simpler then. You rarely said, “I’m bored.” If you did, your mother would probably give you a bunch of household chores to do like peeling potatoes or putting in green or blue chip stamps in the books.

So, my sister and I could play with a cardboard box for days or sometimes weeks. We could go in the house and get some supplies and we could make it a gypsy wagon, a covered wagon to go west, an airplane, a pirate ship, and so many more things. We were forced to use our imaginations and frankly I think it made our generation more creative.

So, in Southern California June is kind of like pre-summer. It doesn’t know whether to be gloomy or sunny. One day is one and the next day is the other. It confuses my mind. Not to mention what in the heck do we wear? Just when you are excited that summer is kind of really here, the gloom comes back.

So, let’s be like our kid selves and be excited for what is to come very soon. Longer days and shorter, dark nights which seem to lead to more energy. Let’s think of all the fun things we can do this summer and make it our best one ever.

Your friend,