President’s Message

Hello My Newcomer Friends,

Monday, September 4th, 2023, was Labor Day. How did you celebrate? Bud and I enjoyed the day by swimming in the pool and barbecuing hamburgers with a small group of friends. When thinking about Labor Day, I reflected on the amazing variety of careers our Newcomer members have held throughout the years. We are blessed with talented ladies who made valuable contributions to their families and communities. I always enjoy hearing about the background of our members. Throughout my life, I held positions as a waitress, bank teller, mother/wife, home daycare owner, school bus driver, bank Vice President, Human Resources Director, and graduate professor. What unique or interesting jobs have you held? I would love to hear about your life’s journeys. One career that has my deepest respect is nursing. It is truly a vocation that I would not be able to fill. Anyone who knows me well, understands why.

Your Feedback – Thank You to the Outstanding Board Members

Many of the Newcomer members have shared positive feedback about this year’s events, luncheons, and activities. My sincere thank you to all board members for showing passion, commitment and caring about the club’s success and support of the members. As this year’s president, I am blessed with a team of ladies that work collaboratively to extend kindness and create an atmosphere of fun for all members. I truly could not achieve everything we are doing without them!

Shirley Birnholz – A Sincere Thank you!

Did you know that Shirley Birnholz manages the club’s email communications? She has served our community of ladies with her excellent communication and email talents since 2011. This month, we recognized Shirley with cards of thanks and a small gift for her extraordinary commitment to Newcomers. Shirley, thank you once again. You truly are amazing!!!

DIG (Dining In Group)

During late August, twenty-eight members of DIG gathered for a fun evening of appetizers, desserts, drinks and conversation at the home of my co-chair, Linda Nueman. A special thanks goes to Linda and Alan for hosting this enjoyable evening.

One of the yummy desserts offered was created by Joyce Brady’s husband Ted. Joyce is currently on the board handling club membership. Joyce is a former Newcomer president that served in that capacity from 2020 to 2022. Ted cleverly presented an egg free Chocolate Mousse in petite single serving containers with matching size spoons. He nicely passed along his recipe for me to share below with all of you. Thanks Ted!

Socials Events

Do you love Bingo or should I say, do you love an opportunity to win cash? Newcomers is hosting a Bingo Bash on Wednesday, September 20 starting at 1:00 pm. Location is the Friendly Valley Annex. This is the same location as last year. When checking in with the Guard Shack be sure to specify your attendance for the Newcomers Bingo located within the Annex. Why is this important: Friendly Valley residents are playing bingo in the Auditorium. If you arrive at the Auditorium, you are in the wrong location!

Our master of ceremony, Carol Westlake, is planning 12 games with cash prizes of $10.00 per game. To reserve a spot, please RSVP to Carol Westlake at 661.263.0435. A sincere heartfelt thank you to Brenda McCullough for securing the room at Friendly Valley and assisting with the room set up design. Special mention to my husband, Bud Jenkins for drawing out the room design and patiently dealing with our many changes.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, October 19th. Dust off your Halloween costume (optional) and meet up with your Newcomer friends at the Newhall Senses Block party themed “The Monster Mash.” The Santa Clarita block parties offer live music, food trucks, adult beverages, and street performers.

Everyone is invited! Ask your Newcomer friends, non-newcomer friends and family to join in the fun. We will meet up at 7:00 pm in the courtyard near the Laemmle Theater. Please RSVP to Carol Westlake by calling 661.263.0435. Come and join us for as long as you can.

Explorer Events

On Sunday, September 10th, a group of Newcomers, their friends and family members enjoyed a morning exploring the artistry of local talented vendors of Santa Barbara. We walked along the beach admiring the craft work while a few of us purchased original items such as earrings, scarves, and baby gifts. Next, we dined together at a seafood restaurant and shared interesting stories and many laughs. Thank you, Kathi Studden, for organizing a fun day.

As we move towards the holidays, Kathi is looking into fun gatherings for the months of October, November, and December. Keep an eye out for information on the website and during the up-and-coming luncheons. At the luncheons, we will pass around the informational flyer folders and sign-up sheets for registering for any future events. Please remember to take a photo of the informational flyers. By doing so, you can review the details when you get home and mark your calendars accordingly.


Luncheon popularity and attendance are increasing. Please be sure to guarantee your seat by contacting Lanita Algeyer to make a reservation. We don’t want to turn anyone away!!! Any walk-ins will be accommodated if space allows and after all reserved seats are filled.

Please make your reservation early. Important: When using the reservation form on our club website, you will receive an email confirmation from Lanita. If not, contact her ASAP to confirm your reservation.

  • September 14th, the luncheon is scheduled at Mimi’s restaurant. During our gathering, we will honor new members with a flower and get to know them with our Bag of Questions.
  • October 12th, we will meet at Red Lobster to enjoy a yummy meal and be entertained by female reenactor as Debbi Fields of Mrs. Fields Cookies. Rumors are that each of us will receive a delectable treat. Thank you, Donna Cerna for scheduling an amusing luncheon.
  • November 9th, the club luncheon moves to a new location, BJs restaurant.
  • December 14th let’s be festive! Bring your singing voice to our holiday sing-along while enjoying engaging conversations with friends over a great meal at Rattler’s restaurant.

Hope to see you all at these events.

Coffee Corners

Coffee Corners continue to be a time of fun and gathering of existing members who help new members and ladies considering joining the club to feel welcome. I encourage all of you to come to a Coffee Corner. The conversation is lively and interesting as we enjoy delicious breakfast treats in local restaurants. Reach out to Kathy Valis and let her know if you will be attending the September 21st CC at Eggs-n-Things. On October 19th, we will enjoy meeting at IHOP in Pico Canyon and on November 16th, we return to Telly’s in Plum Canyon.

Game Day

Game Day is only a month away! We are looking for volunteer teachers, especially for teaching Mah Jongg. Grab your girlfriend and help by introducing players to a new game of Mah Jongg, Rummikub, Hand, Knee and Foot or Mexican Train. To sign up as an instructor or participant, please contact me, Linda Jenkins at 661.233.6515.

Warm regards and hugs,

Linda Jenkins

President of Newcomers and Friends

Friendship is a Thousand Kindnesses


Easy Chocolate Mousse

This recipe is easy to make with four simple steps.


  • 1 cup of chocolate chips (semisweet can be used)
  • ½ cup of heavy whipping cream (for melting chocolate chips)
  • 2/3 cup of chilled heavy whipping cream (for whipping)
  • 1 tablespoon powdered sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • Raspberries, optional


  1. Put a mixing bowl and beaters or standing mixer whisk attachment in the freezer an hour (or evening) before you begin preparing the recipe.
  2. In a large bowl, heat chocolate chips and ½ cup cream until the chocolate is melted and the mixture is smooth. Hint: Absolutely use your microwave to melt the chocolate/cream mixture. Microwave in 20 second increments, stirring well between each. Set aside to cool to room temperature, stirring occasionally (cooling typically takes 15 minutes).
  3. In the chilled mixing bowl (using the chilled beaters or stand mixer with chilled whisk attachment), beat 2/3 cups chilled cream with powdered sugar and vanilla until stiff peaks form. Transfer the whipped cream to the refrigerator until the chocolate has cooled to room temperature.
  4. Using a rubber/silicone spatula, fold the whipped cream into the melted chocolate. Once fully combined, transfer the mousse into individual serving dishes and chill for least 2 hours. The colder it is, the firmer it will be. Hint: If you are going to pipe the mixture into small serving vessels, do this before setting the mousse in the fridge. Top with whipped cream and raspberries.

Extra Whipped Cream for Topping

If you plan on serving the mousse topped with whipped cream, double the whipped cream in ingredients. Reserve half of the whipped cream in the fridge for topping and fold the other half into the melted chocolate.