Activities subject to cancellation due to pandemic restrictions.

All in-person games and events are slowly being reinstated as state and CDC guidelines allow.
The organizer or hostess of each event shall advise participants of which pandemic guidelines are applicable. For activities in public places (e.g. restaurants, transit) the rules of the establishment must be followed. For in-home activities, the hostess may decide her own guidelines.
Saturday July 16 Explorers Train to San Juan Capistrano

7 am – Meet at the Santa Clarita Metrolink Station

7:29 am – train departs

10 am – Arrive in San Juan Capistrano. Walk, eat, enjoy.

2 pm – Board for return trip

4:50 pm – Arrive back in Santa Clarita

Cost is $10 round trip. Pay at the station or use the Metrolink app. Cancel at any time

Contact Kathi Studden to reserve a spot

Monday August 29 Game Day

1 PM meet at the home of LaNell B and learn some of our popular games.

Contact LaNell B to reserve a spot

Saturday September 24 Explorers Brew-Ha-Ha at Tomato Joe’s

6 PM meet at Tomato Joe’s 19167 Golden Valley Rd. Order and pay for your own meal. We will reserve the patio for casual dining fun. Spouses welcome.

Contact Kathi Studden to reserve a spot.

Contact Information

If you want to reserve a spot for any of these trips let us know.