Activities subject to cancellation due to pandemic restrictions.

All in-person games and events are slowly being reinstated as state and CDC guidelines allow.
The organizer or hostess of each event shall advise participants of which pandemic guidelines are applicable. For activities in public places (e.g. restaurants, transit) the rules of the establishment must be followed. For in-home activities, the hostess may decide her own guidelines.

Saturday, Oct 22 Halloween Haunt

6 PM
Prizes and lots of fun!
At the home of Linda J. RSVP required. Contact Linda

Monday, November 7 Pins and Pizza

1 PM
A DIG and DOG event. If you are a DIG and/or DOG groupie you have received your invitation from Linda
and Linda, our dear dining duo.

Saturday, December 10 Holiday Cookie Exchange

1:00 – 3:00

Lunch will be served

To be held at the home of Janice W

24321 Taranto Ave., Valencia

Please plan to bring 2 dozen of your favorite cookies to exchange. More details to follow when we are able to determine the number of guests who will be participating. 

Please RSVP to Janice by Monday, Dec. 3rd.

661-714-1117 or​ (please keep this a hyperlink to her email)​

Contact Information

If you want to reserve a spot for any of these trips let us know.