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All in-person games and events are slowly being reinstated as state and CDC guidelines allow. Newcomers requires proof of vaccination to anyone who participates in any activity until August 1, 2021

$2 Beach Bus to Santa Monica-New date now on Friday, August 27

Less crowded bus, less crowds at the beach! Please bring exact change to pay the driver. Two bucks round trip! Departing trip: 9:15 meet at Richard Rioux Park 26233 W. Faulkner Dr, Stevenson Ranch 9:30 bus departs 10:30 arrive at Santa Monica Pier Return trip: 3:30 depart Santa Monica Pier 4:35 arrive back at the park If you live in Castaic, let me know. There is a stop at the Castaic Sports Complex (at 9 am) and you will need my reservation number to board the bus. Please pay the driver. RSVP to Donna C soon as possible. Text, call, or email. Bus rules require a mask while riding the bus.

Explorers Train to San Juan Capistrano

This trip will be rescheduled. Check back with us soon.

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If you want to reserve a spot for any of these trips let us know.